Crossroads of Innovation: Harnessing Technology and Tradition for Progress

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MUNGLOBAL : Where East meets West, and innovation meets ambition. Experience a Model UN conference like none other, driven by Antalya vibrant Weather and guided by the best of UK educational excellence. Hosted in The 5 star Resort hotel “Limak Limra Hotel and Resort” to give u the more boutique experience in the 3 nights you will stay with us.

Debate pressing issues aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, crafting solutions that blend cutting-edge ideas with deep historical understanding. Forge lifelong connections with a global network of passionate changemakers

But MUNGLOBAL isn’t just about the conference room. The idyllic autumn embrace of Antalya, Turkey. The best timed for Antalya conferences coincides with perfect weather making it not too hot nor too cold for your taste!

Moreover experience a unique social event – a Hawaiian-themed beach party! Don your brightest attire and celebrate knowledge, camaraderie, and the Antalya coastline. Imagine lively conversations by the ocean, delectable Turkish cuisine with a tropical twist, and memories forged under the stars..



Global Connections & Unforgettable Fun

  • Lifelong Friendships: Meet amazing young people from across the globe—perhaps the next generation of leaders?
  • Learn from the Best: Benefit from the expertise of seasoned UK-based educators who will guide your learning journey and equip you with the skills and knowledge to succeed on the world stage.
  • Secure and Trustworthy: MUNGlobal is committed to providing all participants with a safe and secure environment. All payments are processed securely through our UK-based payment gateway, and you will receive a receipt for your records and visa applications.

Experience ANTALYA

  • Exclusive Excursions & Events: Experience Antalya’s magical beaches, hidden gems, and cultural surprises with fellow delegates.
  • Luxury Stay: Accomodate in one of the biggest 5 star Resorts in Antalya with a stunning all inclusive price!
  • Hawaiian beach party: Don your brightest floral shirt and grab your favorite swimsuit! Our Hawaiian beach party is more than just a luau – it’s a chance to unwind, network with fellow attendees in a relaxed setting.
  • Turkish Delights: Indulge in a culinary adventure through delicious local cuisine in the open buffet Breakfast lunch , and dinner provided!

Sharpen Your Skills, Expand Your Worldview

  • Dive into Real-World Issues: Grapple with pressing global challenges aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 
  • Become a Global Citizen: Engage in meaningful dialogue with a diverse community of young leaders from around the globe.
  • Cross-Cultural Immersion: Challenge yourself, open your mind, and develop a profound understanding of global interconnectedness.
  • Valuable Mentorship: Network with experts and get insightful guidance for your personal and professional journey.


History, Luxury, and Charm!

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Don't miss out! Early bird pricing for MUNGLOBAL ends June 21st.

3 Nights, 4 Days

Ideal for participants aiming to maximize their Antalya Vacation

Early $330
Reg. $385
Late $450

Price including 18% VAT

2 Nights, 3 Days

Ideal For those who have a busy Thursday and can only join on Friday 22nd

Early $290
Reg. $340 Late $395

Price including 18% VAT


MUNGLOBAL participants will enjoy an Exquisite stay at Limak Limra Hotel and Resort. Take advantage of on-site amenities, including a refreshing pool, a well-equipped fitness centre, and a delicious breakfast spread to fuel your days. With its convenient location, this hotel provides the perfect balance of comfort and accessibility.



“Crossroads of Innovation: Harnessing Technology
and Tradition for Progress”


& Agenda Items

Istanbul, a vibrant tapestry woven with ancient wisdom and modern ambition, embodies the spirit of this year’s theme.

This dynamic city, where East meets West, is a testament to the enduring power of innovation fueled by a rich cultural legacy. It’s a place where historical wonders inspire cutting-edge advancements, demonstrating the potential for progress built upon a respect for tradition.

At ‘Crossroads of Innovation,’ we challenge you to:

  • Explore the Intersection: Delve into the interplay between technological revolution and time-honoured traditions. Discover how Istanbul’s unique heritage shapes its drive towards the future.

  • Harness the Power of Both: Learn how technological breakthroughs can be harnessed while preserving cultural identity, creating a sustainable model for a progressive world.

  • Become Leaders of Progress: Embrace the responsibility of shaping a future where innovation honours the past, building a world that flourishes through this unique balance.

Istanbul, a living innovation laboratory, awaits to ignite your imagination and spark your potential. Are you ready to step onto this crossroads and chart a course for a better tomorrow?


United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation

Agenda Item

Ethical AI Development: Balancing Innovation with Responsibility in a Cross-Cultural Context


United Nations Industrial Development Organisation

Agenda Item

Smart Cities of the Future: Sustainable Urban Development at the Intersection of East and West


United Nations World Tourism Organisation

Agenda Item

Reviving Travel Post-Pandemic: Innovation and Cooperation in the Tourism Industry


International Telecommunication Union

Agenda Item

Closing the Connectivity Gap: Expanding Internet Access and Digital Literacy in the Global South



Lounge wait and meet for early comers
Regular check-in and registration
Workshop session

Public Speaking & The Art of Diplomacy: Competing in an International Conference

Late check-in and registration
Opening ceremony
Coffee Break
Rules of procedure training
Welcome social
Committee session 2
Coffee break
Committee session 3
Committee session 4
Committee session 5
Coffee break
Committee Session 6
General Assembly (Committee session 7)
Closing ceremony
Cultural night
Departure from hotel for Istanbul cultural tour
Istanbul cultural tour
Bosphorus cruise
Late night snacks and fun awards
Early lights off
Viaport Theme Park
Airport Transfer
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Frequently Asked


Is there transportation provided between the hotel and the airport?

Yes! MUNGLOBAL will provide shuttle buses running at regular intervals between the Elite Hotels Darica and both Istanbul airports.

How do I register for MUNGLOBAL?

You can register online through our website. We offer several registration packages to suit your needs.

I'm travelling from outside Istanbul. What do I need to know about visas and travel?

Please visit the website of your nearest Turkish embassy or consulate for updated visa information. Also, check in with your airline regarding travel guidelines.

Are my payments secure?
Absolutely! Your security is our top priority. All payments for MUNGlobal are processed securely through the Midlands School of Innovative Learning, a reputable UK-based educational institution. We use trusted payment gateways that adhere to strict security standards, protecting your financial information.
What is the dress code for the conference?

MUNGLOBAL recommends business casual attire for committee sessions and workshops. Traditional or more formal attire might be appropriate for the cultural night only.

I have a specific dietary restriction. Will this be accommodated?

Yes! Please specify your dietary needs on the registration form. We will do our best to accommodate all dietary requirements.

Will study guides or research materials be provided in advance?

Yes! To support delegate preparation, MUNGLOBAL will provide concise study guides to introduce key topics in each committee. We also strongly encourage delegates to engage in independent research to develop in-depth perspectives for informed debates.